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ADD / ADHD is the diagnosis of the century. Everyone seems to have it. NOT everyone is coping with it. But they can.

Online Test for ADD brings together all the information you need to help your child, or yourself, learn to work with what you've got. Starting with attention deficit disorder tests and adult ADD quiz, we'll walk you through diagnosis and the variety of ADHD treatments, natural ADD supplements, and homeopathic remedies for hyperactivity available. Whether you're interested in an ADHD pediatrician, ADHD specialist, or natural ADD supplements, you'll find a wealth of helpful information here.

But we don't stop with stop-gaps. If you want to know more about the dynamics of ADD and its treatment, we have information about adult ADD symptoms, attention deficit disorder in school, glyconutrients and ADHD, and instructional strategies and ADHD natural medicine for ADHD.

Sometimes just hearing what others have gone through provides insight, and we have ADD ADHD teenagers stories, as well as information about pregnant women and ritalin and puberty and ADHD .

If you have a field of interest not covered here, please write us, and we will do our best to add it in as soon as possible.


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